Upcoming Schedule

We've got our line-up set and recorded for the next few weeks, so I thought I'd give everyone a peek at what's coming (subject to change, but likely in this order):

  • May 1st: Holly Rowland of Topatoco talks about fulfilling webcomic artists' dreams, and the company's new division, Make That Thing, which manages Kickstarter campaigns.
  • May 8th: The much-awaited part 2 of my interview with Craig Mod airs. We talk extensively about his Sub-Compact Publishing essay.
  • May 15th: Join us for the second part of my discussion with Marco Arment. In this hour, we discuss his podcasting career and The Magazine.
  • May 22nd: Cory Doctorow and I have a wonderful discussion about the economics of publishing, the way that digital-rights management (DRM) destroys creativity, and the nature of the barter and gift economies.

Thanks as always for listening!

Episode 0: Fund, Make, Distribute

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Welcome to a podcast that dives into how new ways creative people to fund, manufacture and produce, and distribute digital and physical goods to audiences they previously couldn’t reach. The New Disruptors is about profound changes in the economy for making things. Listen to a brief introduction.