Re-New Disruptors (Episode 99)


Welcome to the New Disruptors, the podcast that says the best ideas come when you're not looking straight at them

You haven’t heard from The New Disruptors for a while, but I think the time is ripe to bring back the podcast—with your help. I stopped producing it reluctantly, a combination of available time, a drop in sponsorship, and a need to focus on different parts of my working life. 

The tl;dr? I’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund a new season.

Update: Just one week in, the campaign is 50% funded! Three weeks to go, and we’ll get there with your help!

The details:

I've wanted to bring the show back for a long time, especially when I run into people or get messages telling me how much hearing creators talk about the paths they took had meant to them getting started on their projects and changing their careers.

With social networks dominating attention, and even more tools and avenues for artists and makers to explore, I want to dig into how people find an audience and make a space for themselves to create in 2018. 

I'm one of them. In the last 18 months, I produced two books, one by letterpress, acquired a 2D laser cutter, which I've been experimenting with, and worked with six different commerce, charging, and crowdfunding systems to handle different aspects of work I'm funding and selling.

The Kickstarter campaign is simple. My baseline goal is to raise enough funds to cover the hard costs and my commitment of time to produce 12 episodes. If I raise more money, I can produce more episodes. I want to have more live shows and interview more people face-to-face, and these funds let me cover hosting, production, equipment, and venue rental, and can help underwrite travel to conferences and festivals. 

Thanks for listening in the past, reading this request, and, I hope, for your support now and in the future.

Indie Ads on The New Disruptors

Hi, folks! This podcast is a labor of love, but it has hard and soft costs to keep episodes flowing: hosting, an audio engineer, my time, equipment, travel, and other expenses. So far, we've relied on a combination of advertising and patronage (collected via Patreon).

We have had an array of wonderful sponsors this year whose products align with things listeners are interested in. But because I vary the podcasts' guests so much across areas of art, music, industrial design, production, commerce, and so forth, we're not a perfect fit for sponsors who want to define and reach the same sort of person consistently, such as graphic designers or small-batch whiskey producers. This has led to fertile times full of ads alternating with fallow ones.

So we're going to try something new by offering indie ads. If you're an independent maker, creator, programmer, or what-have-you, you can get a 30-second ad on New Disruptors for $50 and a 60-second ad for $100 read during the main body of the podcast. I'm treating companies of 1 to 10 people as "independent," and the goal by limiting the length is to provide enough detail to listeners and have the space for a few ads without filling up the show too much. (Our full-price ads run around two to three minutes for the "midroll" spots during a podcast.)

We have 5,000 to 15,000 listeners per episode within the first eight weeks after a show airs, and some episodes continue to rack up hundreds of listens months later.

I read all the ads and will work with you to craft copy that works and fits. These "live reads" provide the intimacy of old-time radio that listeners like, and give me a chance to explain in a natural voice why a given product or service is worthwhile.

To help make this work, Cards Against Humanity is buying a sponsorship slot on every episode that we devote to indie ads, which gives us the financial underpinning to make it affordable. CAH in general and Max Temkin in particular have worked hard to provide opportunities for other independent creators even as they've grown in scale, and I thank him and them for helping out.

Who would this be good for? Anyone selling games, mobile apps, mobile services, or interesting designer-led products. I know from talking to hundreds of listeners that they're passionate about things made by one or a few people that are guided by strong design and engineering principles.

You can contact me directly if you have questions, or sign up and pay by credit card (via Stripe) for a 30-second or 60-second ad via this form, in which you can provide all the details and I can follow up on timing and the content of the ad. (I can also accept alternate payment.)

Support the Show Directly: Patreon + Mugs

We put a fair amount of time into each episode of The New Disruptors, and as listeners of the show well understand, for independent creators time and money have an absolutely direct relationship. Between our audio engineer and myself, we put about 8 to 10 hours into each episode: booking a guest, research and interview prep, conducting the interview, editing and cleaning, writing show notes, and distributing the episode.

Loyal listeners can support our work directly. At Patreon, you pledge any amount per month, and change or cancel your pledge at any time from $1 per month and up! At higher levels, we offer premiums and on-air thank yous. Pledge now!

Sponsorship from companies continues to help underwrite the production — and we hope if you're interested in advertising, you'll contact Lex Friedman of The Midroll about it (or recommend us to companies you know).

We've also made a mug using Christa Mrgan's beautiful logo design. You can purchase one at Zazzle, and a few dollars of each mug supports our operations. 

Hello Hello, Boing Boing

Folks, I've been friends with many Boing Boing editors for years, and have contributed to the site (the most widely read independent blog and a "directory of wonderful things") for a long while as well. We're going to be working more closely together on some projects, and Boing Boing offered to bring this podcast into their family of audio offerings, which include Gweek and You Are Not So Smart. I'll be keeping everything humming at this site, too, but we're happy to be part of a great collection of independent voices over there!


Event on Sept. 18th in Portland, Oregon (Free!)

 We are sold out, but don't despair! We're keeping a waitlist, and will likely have cancellations. Go the RSVP linked below to add yourself to the waitlist. 

The Magazine and The New Disruptors present "Portland Exceptionalism!": a free evening of music, interviews, and comedy at Ford Food and Drink hosted by your editor, publisher, and podcast producer Glenn Fleishman. We'll examine why Portland is so freaking amazing. (Cash bar.)

Please RSVP at Eventbrite.

From 7 pm to 9 pm, enjoy a program that features:

  • Christa Mrgan on banjo with friends Kelly Wright-Pedersen, Tracy Wisher, and Amanda Wineman. Christa is an interface designer, a contributor (as an essayist and illustrator) to The Magazine, and the designer of The New Disruptors logo and Web site. Christa and her buddies will play a few short sets, and we will applaud with gusto.
  • Scott Simpson, funny guy. Scott was one of the trio (with Merlin Mann and Adam Lisagor) behind the You Look Nice Today podcast, and performs stand-up all over. Scott contributed "You Are Boring" to The Magazine. He is our token non-Portlander.
  • Glenn will interview Elly Blue, bike advocate; Dylan Meconis, cartoonist; and musician Brooke Parrott, artist ambassador at Songkick! Portland, Portland, Portland.
  • We'll also present the winning results of our friendly competition for writing a short story that contains all of the topics about which we have asked for a hiatus, including typewriters, alcohol, pregnancy, death, Bitcoin, and letterpress.

From 9 pm to 11 pm, we shall mingle, imbibe, and eat.

Contributors to The Magazine and guests from The New Disruptors have been invited — many are Portland residents, and others will be in town for the XOXO festival and conference, which starts the day after this shindig. (Meet Glenn, The Magazine's managing editor Brittany Shoot, and The New Disruptors' audio engineer Michael Warner, among others.)

Space is limited for the program part of the event from 7 pm to 9 pm! If you plan to attend, please RSVP for free tickets. If you want to come for the mingling after 9 pm, no reservation is needed.

Eventbrite - Portland Exceptionalism! An Evening with The Magazine & The New Disruptors