An Event Apart and Onepager, Sponsors of Episode 33

Thanks to our fine sponsors for this episode! Tell them we sent you by following the links below.

An Event Apart runs a terrific event for Web designers that will bring you up to speed with the smartest ways to design and build responsive sites that work.

Onepager offers a great way for a small business to create a single, attractive page without a lot of effort and with great results, including a contact form and a mailing list. It's $0 to build, and starts at $8 per month when you're ready to go live. 

An Event Apart, the design conference for people who make websites.

Onepager helps you build a beautiful, single-page website for your small business.

Sponsors: Smile's TextExpander and Bespoke Post

Thanks to our fine sponsors for this episode:

And Bespoke Post: a cool box of stuff for guys every month for $45, but you can decline any box before it's sent at no cost. Get 20% off your first box with the code DISRUPTORS.

TextExpander from Smile, a way to avoid the tedium of typing by tapping a few keys and expanding. Visit them at

Bespoke Post: Unique, hand-selected stuff for guys. Free shipping, easy returns, lots of awesome.

PDFpen 6: the all-purpose PDF editor for Mac, now even more powerful and easy to use.

Sponsor The New Disruptors

Hi, there! This podcast has thousands of regular listeners who are passionate about the new economy of funding, making, and distributing stuff, both physical and electronic. They're looking for help in all those areas, which can include software tools, Web apps and services, and ways to make one or 1,000 multiples of something.

If your company fits that bill, consider becoming a sponor. Sponsors get a "host read" during the show, in which I write the ad copy from your details and, typically, test out the product or service so I'm familiar with it before I talk about it. You're mentioned with a link on the podcast Web site, in Twitter, on, and on our Facebook page. Plus, you earn undying gratitude.

For more information, contact Lex Friedman at Podlexing. He can talk to you about rates, dates, and details. 

And now back to the podcast… 

Episode 28 Sponsors: Igloo and MailChimp

Thanks to our fine sponsors for this episode: Igloo lets you collaborate in a group or a company with a whole range of tools in one place. MailChimp is the ideal way to manage relationships one email at a time. Thanks!

The New Disruptors is supported by MailChimp, celebrating creativity and chaos since 2001.

Igloo Software, an intranet you’ll actually like. Stop searching, start working.

Episode 27 Sponsors: Dozeo and Smile's TextExpander

Thanks to our fine sponsors for this episode: Dozeo for great meetings handled right in the browser with no downloads required; and TextExpander from Smile, a way to avoid the tedium of typing by tapping a few keys and expanding.

Dozeo: Online meetings finally made awesome. Join thousands of happy users. Get free trial now!

Typing the same thing over and over? Save time and effort with TextExpander!