Episode 9: Iterative Imperative with Ellie and Mike Kemery

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Maker spaces are popping up all over where people can go and work with tools of all sorts, from woodworking to advanced 3D printers, to make things for themselves or prototype designs to manufacture. Seattle has been bereft of a large-scale facility with everything under one roof — until now.

Ellie and Mike Kemery have just opened Makerhaus, a 10,000-square-foot building chock full of everything makers need. But their secret sauce, they hope, is community and education among their members. We talk about what a maker space can mean to bring all the hardware, software, and people together in one place to make magic happen. On Twitter: Makerhaus and Ellie Kemery. View the slideshow from Glenn’s visit to Makerhaus.

Show notes

I mentioned photopolymer plates for letterpress, which I also gave an Ignite talk about in 2011. Lumi, the makers of solar-sensitive permanent fabric dyes, will be on a future podcast. The original LaserWriter cost $6,995 in 1985 ($15,000 in 2012 money), not $12,000 as I said! TechShop, which is a chain of maker spaces, is quite busy in all its locations.