Grand Inventions: Weathering Time with Benn Bollay (Episode 110)

Benn Bollay remembers that he knew as a kid that his grandfather was an early researcher into weather forecasting. But it turns out that Eugene Bollay was one of the founders of the field of meteorology and television weathercasting! His g’pa even preceded Pat Sajak in a TV weatherman job. Benn tells us about his grandfather’s literal study (in his house) and his study (his work). (Eugene Bollay recorded an oral history back in 1987.)

Benn was always struck that his grandfather was seen and respected as a person of science. This helped lead him on his path as a programmer, entrepreneur, and researcher, currently pursuing directions in AI at the Paul Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence.

This episode is part of the “Grand Inventions” micro-series within The New Disruptors in which I talk to people whose grandparents or other ancestors invented something that’s still current or in use today. Do you have a relative back a generation or three who fits the bill? Contact me and we’ll set up an interview.

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