Race to Answer the Call of the Wild with Pat Race and Marian Call (Episode 112)

Marian Call and Pat Race

Musician Marian Call appeared on New Disruptors back in October 2013. Her home was in Alaska, but she spent a lot of time away from it touring. With six more years under her belt, she’s trying to stick closer to her community in Juneau. One of the reasons? Her husband Pat Race, an illustrator, gallery owner, videographer, filmmaker, and part-time adult camp operator.

We talk about their independent careers and where both find themselves—besides in Alaska—and how they converge and diverge with their work. Also, we learn just how hopping a town Juneau is for creative people!

Marian on the universe of entertainment now available and what we contend for as artists: “I can’t place too many demands on people’s attention knowing they have all the options in the world.”

Find them both on Twitter: @mariancall and @alaskarobotics.


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