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How To Get This Podcast

The New Disruptors left production in 2020. Its episodes are available through this site for playing within the browser or download.

Archived Access Information

We have tried to make The New Disruptors  available for playback in as many ways as possible. If there’s one that’s missing please let us know.

Search for The New Disruptors in your podcast app directory: We’re listed in all podcast directories, and that’s one of the easiest ways to find and add us.

Subscribe via desktop iTunes or the Podcasts app: Use iTunes on Mac or Windows or via the Podcasts app in iOS via this iTunes link, searching for “The New Disruptors” in the iTunes Store, or manually using the URL

Subscribe via our RSS feed: You can copy and paste this link directly into an Add URL or Subscribe via RSS slot in your podcast app:

As a direct download: Visit any podcast page on this site, and you can download the podcast as an audio file that will play on any computer or mobile device.

Play via the site: There is an embedded SoundCloud player on every podcast page on this site that can play audio within a desktop browser and on most mobile devices, including iOS and Android.

Visit our SoundCloud page: You can listen to every podcast, download episode, comment, and more at The New Disruptors on SoundCloud. SoundCloud also has a free app you can use to play our show, too!

Also: These episodes are available for use under the Creative Commons Attribution, No Derivatives, Non-Commercial license. Feel free to share, post, or embed the audio files, but please don’t modify them or sell them, and please do link back to this site. Thank you!