Disrupting Myself: The Magazine


In the spirit of all the disruption I talk with guests about all the time on this podcast, I have an announcement. I’ve been the editor since October of The Magazine, an electronic-only publication that runs features intended for the technically minded curious person. Marco Arment, its founder and owner, and I came to an agreement for him to sell me the publication. The switchover is on June 1. I wrote about this in an editor’s note at its site.

The Magazine was conceived of as a simple but rich reading experience in which all the distracting bits that flood Web pages and crowd digital magazines that were born in the print era seem to feel the need to include. It’s subscription-based, has no ads, and each issue is about 3 to 4 megabytes to download. (Subscriptions at $1.99 per month, by the way, and issues appear every other Thursday.)

It’s been a great ride so far, and there is so much more to explore. I’ll be continuing with this podcast, of course! But you’ll likely hear more here and elsewhere about publishing as I learn to navigate the new terrain.