His Bright Materials with James Flynn (Episode 40)


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James Flynn is a New Zealander who relocated to San Francisco where he runs Extrasensory Devices. He’s an engineer who started by developing modems, and then released on his own a set of drum-tempo monitors and a light-meter add-on for the iPhone. He’s launched three Kickstarters, all of which funded, and has plenty more in his pipeline.


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Show Notes

James three Kickstarter campaigns were for Wiretap Headphone Microphone Splitter, the Luxi light meter for photography, and the Toaster, splitter that splits in output and keeps the mic active. James works very closely with Sparkfactor design, which has created the designs for lots of products you may have owned or used.

I mention Pen Type-A, Taylor Levy and Che-Wei Wang, who I interviewed in “Episode 12: Où est la plume de ma Kickstarter?