They’re Coming to Make Him a Film Ha Ha! with Devin Lucas (Episode 44)


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This interview with the Dr. Demento director
Should be a marvelous hit
But if anything goes wrong with the Skyping
I’ll wind up in a big pile of —
Shaving cream! Be nice and clean! Shave every day, and you’ll always look keen!

Devin Lucas is a writer and director from Southern California, who
has made plenty of movies in the past, but nothing quite like the
upcoming Under the Smogberry Trees, the true story of Dr Demento and Mr Hansen. He’s part of Meep Morp Studio with Christine McDonald and Scott McKenzie, which is producing the film.


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Show notes

Barret Hansen is Dr. Demento’s true identity. Dave Kellett and Fred Schroeder, makers of Stripped, had two Kickstarters: first for the initial funding and second for the payments for copyright clearance. “I’m My Own Grandpa” is a story of intergenerational, multi-family marriages.

Indie Game: The Movie just finished delivering the special edition set. Linotype: The Movie was produced as first-time effort by its time; they’d never made a full-length movie before.

Fish Heads” by Barnes and Barnes (Billy Mumy and Robert Haimer) and “They’re Coming to Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa!” by Napoleon XIV (Jerry Samuels) are two of the better-known songs across Dr. Demento’s long run. “Weird” Al Yankovic got his start on Dr. Demento. P.D.Q. Bach (invented by Peter Schickele) is a parody of classical music. Paul Reubens (“Pee-Wee Herman”) called to offer his help.

Comedy music is part of the annual MarsCon (March 2014 in Minnesota), while the Funny Music Project will product the first FuMPFest in June 2014 in Illinois. Dr. Demento is the guest of honor. PAX Prime is the largest convention by for gamers in America, with over 70,000 attending in Seattle; there are bigger ones outside the United States.