I Want to Teach the World Wide Web to Sing with Jon Mitchell (Episode 45)




Photo by   Tina McConnell.  
Photo by   Tina McConnell.  

Photo by Tina McConnell. 


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Jon Mitchell was a mild-mannered reporter at a major metro-webbian publication, Read Write. He left to pursue new ideas about how musicians could find new audiences. He wrote an extraordinary essay
about the future of musician-led podcasts recently, and we discuss him,
mindfulness, the importance of collaboration, and music. He co-hosts The Portal with fellow musicians and friends Kirk Benttinen and Rebecca Marcyes.

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Show Notes

The book Flow, by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, explains how to create a state of harmony in life. “Chemo brain” is a term for the lack of mental clarity that chemotherapy can, often just temporarily, introduce in the mind of a patient.

Jon writes has attended Burning Man for several years and writes for their official blog. Brian Lam has calmed down. His The Wirecutter and related best-in-category product sites have carefully selected and exceedingly deeply researched recommendations.

Please read Jon’s “Love Can Save the Media” essay. Jon cites Merlin Mann and Dan Benjamin’s Back to Work podcast as a significant influence. Live painting for events and concerts is a thing you can hire in. Jon’s co-host on The Portal, Kirk, also helps produce “LIVE in the living room,” which Jon calls “a party, but it’s professional.”