A Year of Living Disruptively with Guests from Early Episodes (53)

The New Disruptors launched on December 5, 2012. I wanted to talk to people making stuff, creating art, or helping others get their work out there. The show is now at episode 53, and it’s been a delightful year. I wanted to look back at early guests, and was able to get the folks who appeared on the first four episodes to chat briefly about what happened next. I talk in this show with Lisanne Pajot and James Swirksy, Indie Game: The Movie; Chris Anderson, then Wired and now 3DRobotics; Tony Konecny, Tonx (coffee); and Evan Ratliff, of The Atavist and Creativist.

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Show notes

I know regular listeners will be disappointed, but the show notes this time around are exceedingly short, as it’s a reflective episode. These are the original episodes (in order that they appear in this anniversary check-in) for each guest or guests: