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We put a fair amount of time into each episode of The New Disruptors, and as listeners of the show well understand, for independent creators time and money have an absolutely direct relationship. Between our audio engineer and myself, we put about 8 to 10 hours into each episode: booking a guest, research and interview prep, conducting the interview, editing and cleaning, writing show notes, and distributing the episode.

Loyal listeners can support our work directly. At Patreon, you pledge any amount per month, and change or cancel your pledge at any time from $1 per month and up! At higher levels, we offer premiums and on-air thank yous. Pledge now!

Sponsorship from companies continues to help underwrite the production — and we hope if you’re interested in advertising, you’ll contact Lex Friedman of The Midroll about it (or recommend us to companies you know).

We’ve also made a mug using Christa Mrgan’s beautiful logo design. You can purchase one at Zazzle, and a few dollars of each mug supports our operations.