New Season Funded!

Thank you to everyone who backed the campaign to bring back The New Disruptors, as well as those who spread the word and provided moral support! New episodes will start appearing in August 2018! The campaign funding level is for about one episode a month, but I plan to produce more kinds of audio and… Continue reading New Season Funded!

Indie Ads on The New Disruptors

Hi, folks! This podcast is a labor of love, but it has hard and soft costs to keep episodes flowing: hosting, an audio engineer, my time, equipment, travel, and other expenses. So far, we’ve relied on a combination of advertising and patronage (collected via Patreon). We have had an array of wonderful sponsors this year… Continue reading Indie Ads on The New Disruptors

Hello Hello, Boing Boing

Folks, I’ve been friends with many Boing Boing editors for years, and have contributed to the site (the most widely read independent blog and a “directory of wonderful things”) for a long while as well. We’re going to be working more closely together on some projects, and Boing Boing offered to bring this podcast into… Continue reading Hello Hello, Boing Boing

XOXOhausted: Another Great Event


View fullsize The XOXO conference and festival was last Thursday to Sunday, and I’m still exhausted (and suffering from a conference cold) the following Wednesday. It was another exhilarating year — even better than last year. The New Disruptors was an outgrowth of XOXO 2012: my attempt to capture in a weekly podcast some of… Continue reading XOXOhausted: Another Great Event

Our Theme Song

The theme song that plays at the start and end of every episode is by Jeff Tolbert. You can listen to a version without me talking over it below, and purchase a downloadable version for a buck (all proceeds go to him). 

Event on Sept. 18th in Portland, Oregon (Free!)

 We are sold out, but don’t despair! We’re keeping a waitlist, and will likely have cancellations. Go the RSVP linked below to add yourself to the waitlist.  The Magazine and The New Disruptors present “Portland Exceptionalism!”: a free evening of music, interviews, and comedy at Ford Food and Drink hosted by your editor, publisher, and… Continue reading Event on Sept. 18th in Portland, Oregon (Free!)

Creative Commons License

With a new site, comes a new license. We’ve decided to make these podcasts available under a Creative Commons license to encourage redistribution without anyone having to ask permission or be concerned someone will be coming after them with takedown notices. You can embed any podcast using the SoundCloud widgets and links, but you can… Continue reading Creative Commons License

Upcoming Schedule

We’ve got our line-up set and recorded for the next few weeks, so I thought I’d give everyone a peek at what’s coming (subject to change, but likely in this order): May 1st: Holly Rowland of Topatoco talks about fulfilling webcomic artists’ dreams, and the company’s new division, Make That Thing, which manages Kickstarter campaigns.… Continue reading Upcoming Schedule