Live in Portland: Book Reading and The Doubleclicks (Episode 75)


Listen in as The Doubleclicks, a geeky two-sister band, perform four songs, and four authors read parts of their reported features from The Magazine: The Book at our last live book event in Portland, Oregon. The event was held at Reading Frenzy, and features John Patrick Pullen, Alison Hallett, Chris Higgins, and Elly Blue.

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Show notes

Chloe Eudaly owns the bookstore Reading Frenzy. It raised over $50,000 via Kickstarter to move its store after losing its downtown lease and then having a space fall though. If you visit Portland, you have to stop by.

Andy Baio is one of the fellows behind the XOXO festival, and is in the middle of fundraising the return of Upcoming, a site he co-developed, sold to Yahoo, and recently bought back.

John Patrick Pullen read from “Beacon of Hope.” Alison Hallett read from “What Lies Beneath.” Elly Blue read from “Hub and Spoke.” And Chris Higgins read (the footnotes) from “Playing to Lose.”

The Doubleclicks performed four songs for us: “Worst Superpower Ever,” “Oh, Mr. Darcy,” “Impostor,” and “Velociraptor.” They were guests on this podcast in February 2014.