Re-New Disruptors (Episode 99)

Renew Disruptors

Welcome to the New Disruptors, the podcast that says the best ideas come when you’re not looking straight at them

You haven’t heard from The New Disruptors for a while, but I think the time is ripe to bring back the podcast—with your help. I stopped producing it reluctantly, a combination of available time, a drop in sponsorship, and a need to focus on different parts of my working life. 

The tl;dr? I’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund a new season.

Update: Just one week in, the campaign is 50% funded! Three weeks to go, and we’ll get there with your help!

The details:

I’ve wanted to bring the show back for a long time, especially when I run into people or get messages telling me how much hearing creators talk about the paths they took had meant to them getting started on their projects and changing their careers.

With social networks dominating attention, and even more tools and avenues for artists and makers to explore, I want to dig into how people find an audience and make a space for themselves to create in 2018. 

I’m one of them. In the last 18 months, I produced two books, one by letterpress, acquired a 2D laser cutter, which I’ve been experimenting with, and worked with six different commerce, charging, and crowdfunding systems to handle different aspects of work I’m funding and selling.

The Kickstarter campaign is simple. My baseline goal is to raise enough funds to cover the hard costs and my commitment of time to produce 12 episodes. If I raise more money, I can produce more episodes. I want to have more live shows and interview more people face-to-face, and these funds let me cover hosting, production, equipment, and venue rental, and can help underwrite travel to conferences and festivals. 

Thanks for listening in the past, reading this request, and, I hope, for your support now and in the future.